Saturday, September 25, 2010

What's up with Gadget Officer?!!

So, what's up with Gadget Officer? Are there any latest gadget reviews, gadget testing, gadget updates, gadget sales, gadget there, gadget here, gadget, gadget, gadget in this blog?? Is it all about gadgets only in this blog? Of course its not. I'm not going to post everything about gadgets in my blog, because surely I'm not some highly-tech and sponsored gadget review website like the others out there. 

My blog here is just to share anything which I think interesting and worthy to share with you guys, especially about my DIY projects.

Besides gadget, I also love to build and make things, the do-it-yourself kind of things. Build and modify things. Mechanical and electronic things. Especially electronic DIY projects which mostly related to microcontroller, PCBs, components, soldering, wiring, programming etc. Its really my interest actually. And I'm NOT an amateur anymore in this field because I have started to build things a long way during my school time (while I'm in form 2 as I remembered) where I'm so excited at that time to build the small blinking LED project for the Kemahiran Hidup (Life Skills) subject at my school.Haha! Still remembered how nice I've done with that little project. After that moment, I know that electronics and building things is going to be my way of life!

Back to this blog, I have a lot of projects in mind actually. Many of them was already in my mind a long time ago, but due to work commitment, I'm still don't have the time to build one. But now with my new job (and a lots of free times :-P) I hope that I can start build more and more projects from time to time (hopefully, if those project succeed).. haha!

For the time being, I'm still in the learning curve on my new microcontroller baby, the Arduino (more into Arduino on my next post) and after that, will concentrate on my Auto Door Locking System and Auto-refill Water Filter System. The door locking system will use Arduino as its main controller and I have just finished sketching the system overall diagram.

So, thats all for this time. Stay tuned for more updates on my current project.


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