Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gadget there, gadget here.

I just love gadgets. There's no argue about that, even my wife admit it. But that doesn't mean that I like to spent a lot of money just to buy every kind of gadgets out there in the market. I'm not a rich guy by the way. Just a normal guy with a normal job and being paid every end of the month by the government. Not even a businessman with 5 or 6 digits income from the business profit. So to accept the truth that I'm not rich, I just love to read everything about gadget, even though I know that I can't get it... haha!

Everyone in this modern world love gadget, right? They makes our lives easier and more fun, especially those electronic gadget such as iPhone, laptops, cameras or even a digital watch. But most of them are not cheap. You need to pay a lot amount of money just to have them and to use them. But nowadays most people are willing to pay as much as they can get the gadget that they want, especially the latest technological product. 

The latest iPhone 4 for example, in my country, you need to pay at least RM 2k just to get the phone plus the lowest  call plan with 24-month contract. For people like me (I'm not a rich guy, remember? :-P) with that 2k you can get a new laptop with latest hardware in it plus you can do many other multimedia stuff using that laptop. Damn! Its very expensive man!

I don't know what other people thinks, but those sentence 'the most affordable iPhone' from Digi's website, isn't really that 'affordable'. Unless, of course, if I am a rich guy! Haha.

See ya' in my next post!

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