Friday, September 24, 2010

Gadget Officer??

So, if you're wondering, why  'Gadget Officer' anyway?

GO. There is a post here at my workplace called GO, stand for Gunnery Officer. His work is all related to guns and weapons thing, or as you know gunnery.

One day my friend called me GO. But instead of 'gunnery', he refers the 'G' as 'Gadget' and that is how the idea of gadget officer comes in. Its really funny though to hear it for the first time he calling me that, but because of all my friends knows me well as the gadget guy (even before I join Maritime Agency), I think its not a bad nickname after all. Haha! 

I don't even know why he calls me that name because I don't actually have a lot of gadget around. Just my own Macbook, my Nokia phone, my submersible Olympus camera and my iPod. Thats all. But maybe because I know a lot about latest gadget makes him keep calling me that.

But one thing as a reminder, this gadget officer is NOT THE SAME as the 'Inspector Gadget' the cartoon character. That's a way hell different kind of 'gadget' guy! huhu..

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