Thursday, August 18, 2011

What I Want....Top 10 Wish List

        What I want?? Yeah..of coz I want gadgets..lots of them. There are so many gadgets that I want (assuming that I have lots of money :P) but the most wanted are as the list below. I have list down 10 most wanted gadget that I really want for the 2011 and WHY I want it. And again, only if I have thick pocket to say. It is a ‘WISH’ list anyway :p

1. Mountain Bike (Merida Matts Hardtail XC)

Why I want it? Its been a while since I wanted to own a good mountain bike to ride it as a workout and hobby. But due to work commitment and short on budget, it is always be a dream. Now my interest on cycling has come again and I’m planning to get serious into it. Now I want it because I want to join mtb carnival and jamboree around my country. As a beginner, I am not targeting to win any place in the race, but most important is to gain experience and at least, of cause to finish it.

2. Portable Media Player (Apple iPod touch 4G)

Why I want it? I have fall in love with the Apple iPod touch since their first appearance in 2007 but until now I still don’t have a chance to have one. Now with the latest 4th generation of the iTouch family and thousand and thousand of new apps made everyday, it is always be the most versatile portable media player ever made. It is small, sleek and easy to carry around. I want it mostly because it can work as my personal organizer other than for playing games and browsing the internet on-the-go. Other good thing that I love about this iTouch is because it can be so-called 'jailbreak' where it can be hack 'legally' in order to install paid apps for free. That's why I want it.

3. Laptop (Dell XPS 15z)
Why I want it? Who said Apple the only company who can make nice,beautiful and appealing laptop with powerful features in it package. Just see it closely to this Dell XPS 15z laptop. With it super-elegant anodized aluminium surface and super-thin form factor plus powerful system built into it, there is no more reason to explain why I want it.

4. Watch (Casio Protrek PRG-110Y)
Why I want it? For sure to watch the time. Protrek is the famous adventure-type watch from Casio and it has many features suitable enough for outdoor activities such as digital compass, altimeter, barometer etc. Why I want this specific model is because it has thin form factor compared to the other of its sibling which is usually thicker and heavy.

5. Phone (HTC Incredible S)
Why I want it? I never used an Android or even any HTC phone before this and I think HTC is a great  device to start with Android system. Although I already have my Blackberry Bold phone right now, this is the phone that I would definitely get it if something bad happen to my BB. ;p

6. Phone (Nokia E5) - this is for my wife :p
Why I want it? I want it because of my wife needed a new phone which can be use to update her Facebook status and browsing the internet easily while at home. Its a nice phone for women and with it business core features, organizing her daily task will become much more easy. 

7. Digicam (Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT10)
Why I want it? Gadget wish list without a digital camera will never be a complete list. It is really a must for a gadget guy like me to own a digital camera instead of using my phone camera to capture great moments, especially during my time with my family. But why do I need the 'tough' version is just because I don't need to worry about breaking it if dropping on the floor or spilling water onto it. And since I love to swim and riding mountain bike as my hobby, 'tough' camera like this Panasonic Lumix TF-10 would really be a great companion for me.

8. Home Media (Dell Inspiron Zino HD)

Why I want it? I love to download and watching movies so much but watching it on my laptop or my home pc monitor would never satisfy me. I want to watch it big and since I already have my new plasma TV with HD-ready and HDMI-ready, I just need the right gadget to store and play all my movies collection directly on my big TV. Why do I want this Dell Zino compact desktop pc is because it has everything I need to play those movies. Plus, together with wireless keyboard and mouse, I can even browsing internet and do Facebook chat on my big TV, all from the comfort of my Ikea Poang couch.

9. RC Hobby (Walkera Hybrid Metal CB180Z)

Why I want it? I started to love RC heli and planes since I was a little boy when my father always bring me and my little brother to watch big guys playing their RC toys in Ipoh. At that time, only gas-powered RC's available and the price was very high. But things are much different now where battery-powered RC's are common everywhere and getting so much cheap. Why I want it is just because I love RC's and I love the challenge controlling it, especially helis. It is much harder than controlling a RC car. But to all kids under 12-years old out there, this is absolutely not a toy. It is actually a BIG BOY TOYS. 

10. DIY Tools (Bosch GSR 10.8-2-Li Cordless Drill)
Why I want it? At home, I'm kind of DIM (do-it-myself) guy where I love to built things or I like to call it as 'project'. Either it is an electronic project or a home-made wooden cabinet or even installing and wiring new room light by myself. Having a great tool for making those project is always being my dream. Why I want this Bosch compact drill is because of its capable power drill in a very compact size. Easier to carry around and lighter than the standard bulky drill, it would be a useful tool to have in my toolbox.

          All right guys! That's all for my post this time. Hope you all enjoying reading it and wait for my next post which I'll write about all gadgets around me that I already have. I believe all you gadget lovers out there also have you're own wish list and if you wish to share it with me, just write down your comment below.

          Last but not least, as I already stated before, it is just a wish list which I dream to have it. Of cause, if I'm rich and all-i-want-i-can-get kind of guy, why do I bother to have a wish list as I can buy it all...

Happy reading! See ya' !!

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