Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Gadget Officer is Back Again!!

       Hello gadget lovers out there! At last we meet again :P ..Looking back to my last post in this blog was on September 2010 and now it is already in August 2011.. Wow! That was such a long time man! Its been a year already as I'm not publishing any post since my stay in Kota Kinabalu last year. 
       Lots of things is going on in my life, especially my commitment for my job as maritime agency officer. Transferring from Kota Kinabalu to Penang and doing a lot of sailing to the sea since last December has kept me busy from writing my blog again.
       But worry no more as your in-charge officer in the gadget world is now back to give you the latest update on our gadget technology.
       So sit back and keep reading on my latest post from now on.

As usual, some picture of gadget to end my post. As everybody already recognize it, the sweet Apple iPad 2.

See ya! 

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